Offering a comprehensive property maintenance and refurbishment solution catered specifically to the needs of landlords.

Property Maintenance

Being a landlord often comes with the daunting task of managing your property, dealing with unexpected breakdowns, staying updated on regulatory changes, all while juggling your day job. The alternative of paying hefty agent fees might not be an appealing solution.

Enter Property & Homes, an online platform designed to offer landlords in the London area a practical solution. Our platform seamlessly connects landlords and tenants with service providers, simplifying the process of addressing breakdowns and repairs while ensuring properties are regulatory compliant and certified. Additionally, we provide helpful guides and documents for landlords who prefer to self-manage, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional agent fees.

However, our platform provides another solution that allows you to easily manage your property and save thousands in agent fees. 

Fast Property Management is an online platform that instantly connects service providers with landlords and their tenants in the London area to help fix breakdowns/repairs and ensure their properties are regulatory compliant and certified. Our platform also provides how to guides and documents to help any landlord that wants to go it alone and self manage their property.

A friendly and reliable property maintenance service for landlords

It is customary for any Management Company to oversee the maintenance requirements of the development. This can encompass:

Our commitment to continual engagement ensures that the tenant and landlord journey is a pleasurable experience. Any issues that may arise will be efficiently handled by our dedicated property services team. We have strategically designed the landlord journey to simplify property management and enhance synergy. From managing your portfolio to boosting your financial returns, our property services at Fast Property Management are tailored to save you money. We provide all the essential services to optimize the performance of your rental property.

Our property maintenance services includes

Lighting Issues (Including Bulb Replacement): Swift resolution of any lighting problems, including the replacement of bulbs.

Plumbing Issues: Efficient handling of plumbing concerns to maintain proper functionality.

Painting & Decorating: Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the property through painting and decorating services.

Pest Control: Implementation of pest control measures to ensure a hygienic and comfortable living environment.

Electrical Issues: Addressing electrical problems promptly and ensuring the safety of electrical systems.

Drainage Issues: Efficient resolution of drainage problems to prevent disruptions and maintain hygiene.

Fire Safety Compliance: Ensuring that the property complies with all necessary fire safety regulations.

Fire Risk Assessment (FRA): Conducting thorough fire risk assessments to identify and address potential hazards.

Lock Repairs & Lock Changes: Swift resolution of lock issues, including repairs and replacements.

Garden Maintenance: Regular upkeep and maintenance of gardens to enhance the property’s curb appeal.

Roofing: Inspection and repair of roofing issues to ensure structural integrity.

Rubbish Collection: Timely and efficient collection of rubbish to maintain cleanliness.

Rubbish Clearance: Comprehensive clearance of rubbish from the property.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates: Ensuring compliance with gas safety standards and providing relevant certificates.

Landlord Electrical Safety Certificates: Conducting inspections and issuing certificates to meet electrical safety standards.

Landlord EPC Certificates: Providing Energy Performance Certificates to meet landlord obligations.

Timely action for landlords

When delivering our landlord property maintenance service, No1PHD ensures:

Timely Reminders: We proactively send you reminders for upcoming inspections, ensuring continuous compliance with regulations.

Local Network of Experts: Our service covers your area through a network of qualified plumbers, heating engineers, and drainage experts.

If you’re seeking a dedicated property maintenance service for landlords, contact us at +0208 682 3062 or via email at We are committed to providing comprehensive and timely maintenance solutions tailored to your property needs.

Covering the cost of maintenance is a key feature of our guaranteed rent service

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