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Landlord Services

Our knowledge is an invaluable asset to our clients. The combination of landlord services, guided by our values and experience, empowers us to deliver results that precisely meet your needs.

Managing your expectations: Your wealth, our knowledge.

Leveraging the wealth of our knowledge, we safeguard your investments through our comprehensive landlord services, which also encompass guaranteed rent. From initiation to conclusion, our organic approach to managing your investments through property management involves continual engagement, transparency, and adherence to family values.

Striving to be the premier property services company, Fast Property Management recognizes that the foundation of our services is built on trust and prioritizing your needs. Across all residential markets in London and East London, our property services have evolved over the years to maximize the value of your assets. We ensure that the advice we provide is accurate from the outset, every time.

Our landlord service includes

Property Marketing Across All Platforms: Strategically promoting your property on various platforms to attract potential tenants.

Preparing Tenant Agreements: Crafting comprehensive and legally compliant agreements that outline the terms of tenancy.

Providing Monthly Statements: Furnishing transparent and detailed monthly financial statements to keep you informed about your property’s performance.

Debt Control and Recovery of Rent Arrears: Implementing effective strategies for debt control and recovering rent arrears to ensure a consistent income flow.

Routine Property Inspections: Conduct regular inspections to assess the condition of the property, address any issues, and ensure proper maintenance.

Residential Property Sales: Facilitating property sales for landlords looking to sell their residential properties.

Guaranteed Rent: Providing assurance of consistent rent payments, offering financial security to landlords.

Property Maintenance and Refurbishment: Managing maintenance tasks and overseeing property refurbishments to enhance property value and appeal.

Tenant Referencing: Thoroughly vetting and referencing potential tenants to ensure suitability.

Rent Collection: Managing the efficient collection of rent payments to maintain a steady income flow.

Property Check-in & Check-out Inventories: Conduct comprehensive inventories during tenant check-in and check-out for accurate record-keeping.

Serving of Appropriate Notices to Tenants: Handling the serving of legal notices to tenants when required, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Arranging Property Repairs and Maintenance: Coordinating and overseeing necessary repairs and maintenance to keep the property in optimal condition.

Dedicated Property Manager: Providing a dedicated property manager for personalized and efficient service.

Landlord Portfolio Reviews: Conducting reviews of the landlord’s property portfolio to assess performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

These services are designed to streamline the management of rental properties, ensuring a positive experience for both landlords and tenants.

Experts in the Field

Leveraging our experience and a vast network of experts in every locality, we possess unique insights that may not be readily available. Our expert teams maintain contacts that provide in-depth knowledge of flourishing areas as well as those that might be considered high-risk.

At the heart of what Fast property Management does is a dedicated focus on understanding your needs first and foremost.

Let your property the smart way…

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