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Why to use FPM - Portfolio planning service

Buying with FPM makes it easy for investors to build a profitable portfolio. We present a distinct approach for investors to develop their portfolios in a profitable and secure way avoiding the adversity of finding tenants and estate agents. Our experienced team takes care of every aspect of service demanded by investors. We work closely with our clients and take into account all the aspects in regards to a suitable portfolio for them.

We work systematically with you to review your portfolio ensuring that they are operating at their optimum level and producing the best possible returns for your investments.

Procuring mortgage funds

Taking into consideration our clients various requisites, we have established firm alliances with private and high street banks, yielding us a vast and competitive finance alternative.

Availing our proficiency and knowledge, we will secure the finance required to stipulate the portfolio investment. We execute this service for UK residents, non-UK residents and emigrants either purchasing in your name or through a trust.

A Lenient approach to buy to let investments

Our Guaranteed rental scheme benefits investors to invest in property with the least possible administration and management. The enthrallment exhibited by this scheme is that we regulate the rental on your behalf and you rest assured with peace of mind enjoying a fixed monthly income, even if your property becomes vacant.

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Investment Propositions

We at FPM believe genuinely to provide the best property investment strategies to our investors with highest possible changes of capital growth and high income returns:

  1. Buy to let investments: We ensure that yield from an individual property is maximized at all times encouraging capital growth.
  2. Turnover: Buying a property and selling it at a value earning reasonable profit, within a short span of time.
  3. Self invested pension schemes: Personal pension schemes validated by the government allowing you to invest in particular HM Revenue and Customs certified investments.
  4. House of multiple Occupation(HMO): Our team deals specifically with this specialist area and have the expertise and knowledge to ensure exceptional returns for your property.
  5. Hotel Investments: To secure yourself a good long term rental income and an exit strategy in the medium term, Hotel investments should be the appropriate preference. These rental rooms investments have lately become very prominent with investors anticipating to widen their property portfolio with fantastic returns.

Investing in London properties

London city has apparent benefits as a property and international business hub accompanying with it substantial opportunities for many types of investments. London properties have been profitable investments focusing on high rates of returns. London also offers investors the following:

  • An open market and flexible tax rate.
  • Growth in population with plenty of property projects.
  • A stable rental market and advantages of exchange rates.


They are very reliable, and I am very happy with the fact that I don't have to pay any Landlord fees and my rent is always on time and in full.
~Shane Thomson


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