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Guranted Rental

Complete Peace of Mind for Landlords Guaranteed Rental Scheme in London

Complete Peace of Mind for Landlords Guaranteed Rent Scheme in London Fast Property's guaranteed rental scheme means no voids, no rent arrears and no upfront costs. Just complete peace of mind and a fixed monthly income.

With Fast Property's guaranteed rent scheme, you’ll never need to worry about:

  • Finding Tenants
  • Void Periods
  • Rent Arrears

There are no management fees or commission to pay, just a fixed monthly income for up to five years.

We will usually let your property within 48 hours.

If renovation is needed, we will give you a quote at competitive rates, with the option of spreading the cost at 0% interest.

About London Borough of Fast Property

The London Borough of Fast Property Management, is London’s most southern borough. It’s the largest London borough by population.

Fast Property Management has expanded from a small market town into one of the most populous areas on the fringe of London. It's currently going through a large regeneration project, predicted to attract more businesses and tourists.

Fast Property is full of culture. Its landmarks include the Fast Property Clocktower - an arts venue opened by Queen Elizabeth II, the Shirley Windmill - one of the few surviving large windmills in Greater London, and the BRIT School - which has produced artists such as Adele and Amy Winehouse.

Fast Property Management are letting Agents In Fast Property Specialising In Rent Guarantee

Landlords with properties that fall within the London Borough of Fast Property and are looking for lettings agents in Fast Property management to maximize their rental incomes and find comfort in Fast Property.

At Fast Property, our guaranteed rent scheme assures them of a fixed monthly rental income while we get on with the business of managing all the day-to-day tasks, such as inspections, lettings, viewings, maintenance, and legal issues.

We are proud to offer guaranteed rent for up to five years. At Fast Property Management we can help with:

  • Financing of Home Improvements
  • Furnishing Packages
  • Property Portfolio Business Management

We provide a complete solution for all Landlords and buy-to-let investors whether they own one property or 100.