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Tenants > FAQs

1. How to report a repair?

You can report a repair by telephone. You will require to provide us with your name, address, contact no., whether the repair has been reported earlier, and of course the details of the repair.

2. When will inspections to the property take place?

Inspections will occur every 3 months and you will be contacted to arrange for a suitable time.

3. Can I decorate the property

You need to take a written permission from us informing us of the changes you intend to make, which shall be conveyed to the landlords. If they give their consent you shall be informed of the same.

4. Who is responsible for managing the property while I am a tenant?

FPM shall manage the property and act as your landlords. All communications shall be between you and FPM.

5. Who bears the responsibility of all utilities and council tax?

The tenant is responsible for all utilities and council tax.

6. What is to be done to end the tenancy?

You will have to give us at least 28 days written notice and will have to inform all the companies for the utility bills in your name, of you leaving the property. The property should be left clean and all the repair works that you are not responsible for , should be reported to us else you will have to bear the charges of extra cleaning or repair works. You will have to hand over the property keys to FPM, after which we shall be conducting a final inspection within the next 14 days and checking whether your accounts with the utility companies is clear and all bills paid. Your deposit or advance rent shall be returned to you within 14 days once we ensure that your bills have been paid and there is no damage to the property.