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Landlord Services > FAQs

1. What are the initial costs for letting my property?

No charges (0%).

2. Are there any hidden costs?

We bear a transparent business with our landlords and there are no other hidden charges.

3. Who will conduct viewings of my property and when?

A lettings negotiator shall accompany all viewings during business hours.

4. When do I receive my rent?

Your rent is paid directly to your account on a fixed due date of every month.

5. Do I need to have a furnished property?

Most local authorities that we work with do not require any furniture in the property except a cooker and a fridge freezer. However any furnishing left at the property must be clean and free from damage and must meet the Health and Safety Requirements. There should be curtains or blinds to all windows, space and plumbing for washing machine. The furnishing provided should be in good condition and should at least last for a full term of the agreement.

6. Property Maintenance?

Periodic inspections to the property shall be conducted at every 3 months intervals and a copy of the report kept for records. We shall maintain the property at no cost to the landlords.