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Agent Services

The quality of service you receive is of paramount importance to us. Our expert team of professionals will be happy to talk you through our comprehensive letting agents service and how we can help to add value to your business.

Why Agents Choose FPM?

FPM have established excellent relationships with perspective estate agents like you who work intently with us helping to exhibit all types of rental properties. Our services to your landlords is entirely free of charge and we also do not look to share your commission. So all that you charge your landlords is totally yours. We aim at helping letting agents add value to the services that they offer their existing customers and also help them procure new businesses.

Letting Agent services

At FPM our services are laid out in a manner to provide you the opportunity to contribute appropriate concentration to your business of renting and managing properties. Availing our services would be very beneficial for you as:

  1. Our team will take care of your tenancy administration and legal compliances.
  2. We avoid gaps in your rental income with our proactive approach for finding tenants.
  3. We guarantee to pay you rent on time, every month.
  4. We will insure the property against any damage.

Startup Letting Agents business

We have established exemplary grounds with startup letting agents businesses and they have observed FPM to be the support they require to be uplifted and be in successive progression.

Flexible Execution of financial matters

  1. A guaranteed rental for a 3 year or a 5 year period, that you can relax and enjoy without any hassles and with a peace of mind.
  2. The monthly payments shall be paid on a fixed date each month even if the property is vacant, so no void periods.
  3. Should we find any reason to take legal action against the tenants, we shall not charge you any legal costs for the same.
  4. You get to keep 100% of any fees that you have agreed and we shall not be demanding any share in commission for renting the property.
  5. An insurance policy to cover any damages caused by the tenant to a value of £250.


Compare our pricing with high street and online agencies to see how you could be £950 per year better off.

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